Details emerge about pizza delivery driver's murder

John Sullivan
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New court documents reveal details about the murder of a pizza delivery driver reportedly lured to his death.

Police arrested Jeremiah Roberts and Derek Romano Tuesday in Wyoming for the murder of John Sullivan, who was found dead in an animal care facility.

The documents say the owners of the facility allowed Roberts and Romano to stay there because the men had animals the owners were concerned about. The men allegedly lured Sullivan to the facility by ordering a pizza.

Sullivan's coworkers became concerned when he failed to return from the delivery and they started getting phone calls from people he was supposed to deliver to, but the pizza never arrived.

Court documents also show one of the men talked about family out west, which led police to track them down in Wyoming. Homicide detectives used photos from the suspects' Facebook page as part of their investigation.

Police are trying to bring Roberts and Romano back to Indianapolis to face formal charges.