Desperately seeking spring!

Frost Bite in Avon, Ind.
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After a record-breaking, brutally cold and snowy winter, Hoosiers are ready for spring!

The persistently frigid air isn't stopping anyone from ordering ice cream at the Frost Bite in Avon. Our bodies, our minds and even our palates are yearning for spring.

"The sun is shining, the birds were singing outside my window this it's time for ice cream!" said Glenda Ward of Avon.

At the home of the Indianapolis Indians, first base is covered in snow. So are second, third and home plate and everything else. Just imagine in a few short weeks, the white will be replaced with green and the seats will be filled.

The team thinks this season will be especially busy after the harsh winter.

"People are pent up. Whether it's cabin fever or whatever you want to call it, everyone's ready to go," said Assistant General Manager Randy Lewandowski. "The minute we see spring, hear the crack of the bat and the smell of the glove - that's what we're after, so we're certainly thinking people will be ready for it."

Ready or not, spring has arrived in cattle barns at the Indiana State Fairgrounds. It's being transformed with trees and flowering bushes and all kinds of landscaping.

"Our Facebook page has totally blown up this year. So we attribute a lot of that to bad weather and people are just ready for this show to get underway," said Donell Walton, producer of the Indiana Flower and Patio Show, which starts this weekend.

And once the show starts, the smell of mulch will be intoxicating. Working outside will seem like a good idea.

"We'll be tanning before we know it!" said a customer consuming a chocolate covered cone at the Frost Bite.

Eventually, we know the sun will actually start to warm things up and winter will pass.

"We'll be glad to get it over with," exclaimed Glenda Ward as her swirled cone started to melt. "We're looking forward to spring!"

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