Dense fog, but no school delay

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Some parents have been complaining about school administrators deciding not to delay the start of school in Perry Township Thursday morning despite dense fog.

Unlike many districts in the area, the Perry Township school district did not delay the start of school Thursday morning. But more than 40 districts did institute a delay.

"I just feel like, this morning, those kids would not have been in that wreck if they had been delayed. It would have been a safer situation," said parent Jennifer Mandrell.

Mandrell was referring to a crash at Madison and Edgewood. Two people had to be cut out of a car which was headed southbound on Madison Avenue. Police say the driver ran a red light and was hit by a pick-up truck headed west on Edgewood Avenue. According to officers, the driver of the pick-up was not injured and not at fault.

While police determined that the fog was not a factor in that crash, parents were still concerned.

Mandrell says she loves the school district. She and her oldest daughter graduated from Perry Meridian High School. She walked her second grade son to the bus stop Thursday morning.

"I couldn't even see across my courtyard. It was so thick and we go to the bus stop at 8:00, so daylight was starting, but you couldn't see anything. It was very dangerous. I couldn't believe we weren't on a delay and I think how bad it was at 8, I think how bad it was at 6:30 this morning," Mandrell said.

She is questioning why the school district did not implement a two-hour delay. Franklin Township and Decatur Township schools also did not have a delay for fog. Center Grove, Clark-Pleasant and Greenwood schools did.

Superintendent Thomas Little says that is because they are more rural school districts.

"We check the roads ourselves. I personally am out driving the roads myself. We check them closely. We try to err on the side of safety," Little said.

Mandrell says she and other concerned parents are going to circulate a petition, asking the superintendent to consider two-hour delays more often when safety is a concern.

"To keep children safe, a little bit of inconvenience can go a long way, is the way I look at it," Mandrell said. "I talked to some other parents and we are tired of it."