Demolition order complete at Belmont Ave. fire scene

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Indianapolis firefighters say an emergency demolition order for the Belmont Ave. warehouse has been completed.

The order was given to demolish or stabilize the south portion of the structure, which was heavily damaged in a June 15th fire.

The Department of Code Enforcement will meet with an engineer to access the stability of the remaining building. DCE says it's working with the Environmental Protection Agency, the Indiana Department of Environmental Management and the Marion County Health Department to determine the extent of asbestos-related problems.

Asbestos was found in the insulation, ceiling and floor tiles, which is common for a building of that age. However, asbestos was also found in the debris that fell in nearby neighborhoods. The city is sending crews around to clean up the debris.

The goal is to convert the Belmont Ave. warehouse to a safe construction site. That will take some time.