Democrats want council investigation into Bisard case

IMPD Officer David Bisard is facing charges in a fatal accident August 6.

Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

Indianapolis - City-County Council members wanting their own investigation in the crash involving Metro Police Officer David Bisard will have to wait.

Council Democrats want to know what public safety leaders were doing in the hours following the Bisard crash. But it's not clear if a council investigation will ever happen. Democrats want a bi-partisan committee to investigate, however Republicans say it is too soon and the FBI should be left to do their job.

It has been almost two months since the crash involving Bisard that killed one man and seriously injured two others. Since the crash, Mayor Greg Ballard has announced reforms for the police department and Public Safety Director Frank Straub demoted three high-ranking officers.

"The whole idea here is to just get the answers to the questions. When my constituents call me and say, 'You know, we had these officers demoted and yet now we learn that they were called away from the scene'," said Council member Brian Mahern, a Democrat.

That's just one of the many questions council Democrats would like answered. Those answers may not come out during the criminal investigation or the investigation currently being conducted by the FBI.

"While we look to the criminal investigation about what happened with the Bisard incident, we still don't know what the response was by the leadership," Mahern said.

Council Republicans, led by Council President Ryan Vaughn, say if the council opens its own investigation, the findings could interfere with the criminal proceedings.

"I am confident that engaging in this process at this time would only hamper that investigation and with that, I would move to table this proposal until such time as there has been a resolution in the criminal case of Officer David Bisard," Vaughn said.

The issue was tabled at Monday's council meeting and will not go on to the full council for discussion. It is also unclear if it will ever be heard.

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