Delay in Affordable Care Act will help business


A major announcement by the Obama administration is giving businesses another year to implement the Affordable Care Act, but what does it mean for workers across the U.S.?

Many businesses are breathing a collective sigh of relief, saying the delay in this law could save thousands of jobs.

In Indiana, several school districts planned to eliminate positions or change the status of some employees from full to part time in order to save money on mandatory health care.  The Obama administration announced Tuesday it's delaying a requirement that companies with 50 workers or more offer health care coverage to all employees until the year 2015.

Indiana Republican Congressman Luke Messer is trying to exempt schools, saying the delay is an admission that Obamacare is not working and that the devastating impact to our economy cannot be stopped without a full repeal.

Democratic Congressman André Carson has a different take on the situation.  He said in a statement yesterday, "The White House has heard from businesses that they needed more time and clarity, and the decision is reflective of their willingness to make sure they get this right."

The bottom line is that there is relief across party lines, but Republicans insist that even with the delay, this type of reform will still be bad. Democrats think the delay will give businesses time to prepare for the change.