Dedication of new Greenwood City Center signals new growth

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The city of Greenwood is dedicating a new building today that represents more than just a new headquarters for city government.

They hope it's a huge shot in the arm for economic development and a big boost for future growth.

From the outside, the building is a beautiful, inviting centerpiece in the center of the downtown, welcoming residents and visitors to Greenwood.

Inside, from the moment you step foot into the lobby, you see a building designed with every detail in mind, including energy efficient lighting and other utilities engineered to save the city money.

What was once an old bank vault has been converted into a conference room. There is a medical clinic on site that provides free healthcare to employees. City leaders say the building is providing a new image that's already proving to be a game changer.

"To see the look on their face when they come into this building compared to what they used to come into, it's just unbelievable and they'll just comment, I cannot believe how beautiful this is and I'll say this is who we are and this what we stand for and this is the quality of work we want to see in Greenwood," said Mark Myers, mayor of Greenwood.

Outside, the new city center is also boosting the re-development of downtown with revitalization of nearby buildings, plans to upgrade facades and improvements to the traffic flow around the town square.

The building is also saving the city thousands of dollars in energy efficiency. Then add money they make leasing PNC bank and money they hope to make from leasing a now empty third floor, Myers says they'll be able to cover their utilities, insurance costs and save the city a couple hundred thousand dollars a year.

The dedication and tours of the building are scheduled for 4 p.m. Thursday.