Dedication ceremony held for 9/11 Museum in New York

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Speaking at the dedication of the 9/11 Museum in New York on Thursday, President Obama told those gathered for the event, "No act of terror can match the strength of character of our country. Nothing can ever break us. Nothing can ever change who we are as Americans."

Several survivors and relatives of those who died on the day of the 2001 terrorist attacks spoke at the solemn dedication ceremony. They recounted their experiences that day, and some explained why they chose to donate certain items to the museum. In one woman's case, it was the pair of shoes that she was wearing on that day when she had to escape from one of the twin towers at the World Trade Center.

The crowd was seated in a large room where beams from the original towers stood.

"I think all who come here will find it to be a profound, moving experience," Obama said.

President Obama and first lady Michelle Obama toured the museum before Obama spoke at the dedication.

The president and first lady joined former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and former New York City Michael Bloomberg for Thursday morning's tour.

They were shown the Memorial Wall bearing photos of victims of the 2001 terrorist attack, among other exhibits.