Decision 2012 questionnaire: Andy Horning

Andrew Horning
Updated: asked the candidates for U.S. Senate to answer the following questions. Libertarian candidate Andy Horning answers are as follows:

What do you believe is the number one issue facing Hoosiers today, and how will you work to address that in Washington?

It's much bigger, much worse than anybody's political ideology. It's as common as dirt and as ancient as Adam, but it wasn't supposed to happen here. The problem is that we don't have rule of law, or even rule of people that we see and elect. We suffer the rule of behind-the-scenes cronies who play our fears into their power, and our moral sloth into their wealth. Laws mean nothing; it's all money and influence trading that's fueled by increasingly costly and mindless political campaigns. Special deals for special people...and you and I are not the special people! Follow the money'll see what I mean.

The centralized "investment banking," "military industrial complex" and "men behind the curtain" that a dozen previous presidents, scores of founders, and innumerable thinkers have warned us about, really have, through generations, taken over our lives by purchasing most of the visible means of politics and information. Sadly, it was by our choice through generations that these abstract powers both took the reigns, and have been left alone with unchecked power for over a hundred years.

This is no "conspiracy theory." I'm afraid it's just our ancient default state. We were warned by countless Cassandras, and we did not heed.

The secular corollary of "In God We Trust" is, "In Politicians We Do Not!" Sadly, Americans have by now given practically everything unto Caesar, and it shows in our violence, injustice, inexcusable debts and failures.

What I'm putting on the ballot instead, are the existing state and federal constitutions, as written. This is a major paradigm shift, and the status quo candidates often make similar claims on the surface, so please see to see what I really mean to do...and how really different that will be from what the others will do...again.

Please read the annotated, indexed (but still very short and understandable) Indiana and US constitutions:; and I also lay out my policy, legislative and other action goals in that website.

You'll see that I'm the only Indiana US Senate candidate proposing constitutional sound money, constitutional and moral military design, and a complete overhaul of our political life for greater security, prosperity and liberty.

Health care

After the Supreme Court decision to uphold much of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, would you work to support or repeal the act, and why? What policies would you work towards to ensure that all Hoosiers have access to affordable care?

Political healthcare is unconstitutional, immoral, destructive, costly and deadly. I've worked my whole adult life in healthcare; I've seen what politicians have done at a time when technology and business practices should've made healthcare better, cheaper, more available to all. I want politicians out of healthcare entirely! Please see

Border control and immigration

How do you believe the U.S. should secure its borders? Should undocumented workers be allowed a "path to citizenship?" Do you agree with President Obama's decision to defer deporting children who are undocumented? In light of the Supreme Court striking down parts of Arizona's law, what policies would you pursue, if any, to combat illegal immigration, and how would you fund those efforts?

Border security was designed into our constitutions, and it's not at all what we've been told! States have sufficient constitutional authority to maintain law and order within and across their borders. Some border state constitutions, like Arizona's, specifically deny illegal aliens employment and other rights, so most of the federal shell games lately are unconstitutional as well as unworkable. It is in fact "federal" mandates to give free healthcare, education and other privileges to illegal aliens that cause states so much grief and cost; these programs and mandates are of course unconstitutional and I would work to end them.

And don't listen to political Newspeak; there has always been a path to citizenship...obviously! No, I don't believe in blanket amnesty or in deferring enforcement of existing laws. Either we have laws, or we don't. That is, more or less, my whole campaign. I want rule of law under existing state and federal constitutions, as written.

We need only eliminate the shortsighted, counterproductive laws that drive jobs overseas, and lure illegal aliens here. We need to make "legal labor" practical again, so that "illegal labor" is no longer necessary. It's my hope that voters will come to understand the laws that we've all been denied. This would both make our borders more secure, and simultaneously make more people want to live here...legitimately.

Education and skills

What are your plans to help students cover the cost of higher education? How will you promote other options to students and families such as technical and vocational programs? What about unemployed workers who lack the necessary skills to find jobs?

The question is based on lots of false assumptions! The high cost of education is directly attributable to politics. More of the same won't help. And the need, type and length of education required for most people is badly out of whack with reality. The education industry is another bubble about to pop!

That said, Indiana's Constitution does authorize political schools (Article 8), while our federal constitution does not. There is no federal authority at all in the matter of education. And since the Department of Education was created, test scores and achievement have dropped while costs have soared. The federal department and its costly intrusion should of course be eliminated; but I'll also encourage people to seriously rethink education on all levels, social and political:


What types of energy do you think our nation should invest in for the future, and how could we use this as an opportunity for job creation?

When you say, "...our nation should invest" I hear people being taxed from their homes, their businesses, their opportunities and retirements, because politicians think they know how to spend your money better than you do. Do you still believe that politicians know best? If so, I am not your candidate! Also, please do note where some very fat campaign donations come from. Energy companies invest an awful lot in politics, and they get a good return on their your expense.

Politics is not a clean business; you'll not get clean, sustainable energy policy by political means. Politics is inherently a corrupt and corrupting thing – that is just invariable fact. The money spent so far in this direction has been positively erupting with short-term policies, calamitous mistakes, and terrible, needless cost. Oh, and it's also unconstitutional.

Foreign policy

What should the priorities be in U.S. foreign policy?

Peace, commerce, healthy skepticism with all nations; entangling alliances with none. (my apologies to Jefferson) We should restore rule of law in all military matters; even in standing-down our permanent professional empire machine and military-industrial complex. Our meddling has never worked. I know that many of us glorify wars and warriors. I know well that We The People have demonstrated a pernicious fear-aggression syndrome for generations now. I would do my very best to end all that violent madness and pursue peace and prosperity under constitutional order instead.

I propose we get our own house in order, so others will want to both trade with us in peace, and emulate our success.


Do you think we should invest more or less money on our national defense? What should the priorities be?

This is probably the one area where our nation's paradigm has shifted the furthest from the constitutional design. We're supposed to have a citizen militia system like Switzerland, you know. That is still the law, even after many state and federal constitution amendments!

Such a holistic defense system would cost a tiny, infinitesimal fraction of what we spend on our global mayhem today. The design of a citizen militia is such that it has always been impregnable in terms of defense, and extremely unlikely to turn offensive.

Aren't y'all ready to consider last? Haven't we had enough of our games of global "whack a mole?"

See my July 24 Press Release at, and please read the state and federal constitutions at and


How would you work to reach bipartisan accord on taxes? What kind of tax incentives would most benefit individuals and businesses?

It's not bad to think about the taxes themselves. But we've for too long ignored where all that money goes, and that is my focus. Most of what our federal government spends is unconstitutional (aka, illegal), as well as immoral, counterproductive and just plain wrong. Address that, and the tax issue shrinks dramatically.

But something more must be said about the political fetish for dishing out perks and punishment with tax policy. This is mostly cronyism, you know. Look at the other candidates' campaign donors, and look at the tax and regulatory benefits they get for their investments in campaigns. I'm not picking on the other candidates; they're insignificant compared to the network and system of special deals for special people that those candidates represent as they carry the twin banners of the status quo.

I am absolutely opposed to this system of favors bought and sold through the election process, and the whole notion of varying tax punishments as policy is thoroughly unconstitutional, illegal, immoral and unsustainable.

...Bipartisan? I represent a third choice, you know. Bipartisan to me is a very, very bad word with a bad history and a grim future.

National debt

How do you think our nation should tackle its national debt problem while continuing to provide essential services?

"...while continuing to provide essential services?" Please understand that Americans of generations past would've cringed at what we now think of as essential services. Our political order based upon dividing people against each other, and applying ever-variable, never uniform, punishments and rewards, is failing because politicians never, ever provide anything. They can take plenty. They can steal, oppress, enslave and kill. But they never create, they never provide without first drawing the sword of state to take from others. If you can't think of better alternatives to what we call "essential services" of our Golden Calf of State power, then vote for either of the status quo guys; not me. I mean to cut politics to its constitutional bone so that we can live in peace, prosperity, security and liberty instead of the gray oppressive fascism that's just around the corner.

Social Security and Medicare

What is your policy on Social Security and Medicare?

It's time to come out and say it. These monkey traps were a horrible, immoral, cynical vote-buying scams, and must be phased out over time. To sell out future generations for present comforts may have sounded good to people asked to sacrifice for WWII, but the bills are now due, and we have no more future generations to sell out. There are better ways to care for our sick and elderly, and none of them involve the dangerous genie we call politics. See


How should Congress work to provide incentives to keep American jobs from going overseas? In what ways would you promote and advertise what Indiana has to offer to leaders of other states?

This question is based on a very bad paradigm. Politicians have driven jobs overseas with taxation, litigation and regulation that doesn't exist anywhere else in the world. Our system of ever-shifting tax and regulatory perks and punishments is rooted in elections, and is horribly corrupt.

If politicians get out of the way and stay on their side of the constitutional fence, then business would flourish quickly. Does anybody still doubt this?

After generations of "stimulus" programs from sports to business to science and technology, we ought to be stimulated past Pluto by now. But we're not, right? The promises failed, right? The bread and circuses politicians have tried for millennia never work.

OK, so isn't it time to try something else? How about something proven to work better than anything else ever tried? The governed government I'm proposing is truly the American Way that once made the USA the envy of the world. It's still the newest and best way to thrive in liberty and justice...for all.


What is the biggest environmental problem facing the world today, and how would you work to protect the country's economy from the impact of environmental crises? What policies would you pursue in order to safeguard Indiana's air, water and land?

The loss of property rights, and concomitant free market accountabilities, through generations of corporate subsidies and special deals has led to horrible abuse of shared, un-ownable resources. The federal government does have a responsibility to protect shared resources that inherently cross political borders. But we've been doing a terrible job of it, as we sell special exemptions to political friends, and dish out special punishments to political enemies. That "bipartisan" system of K Street lobbyists, campaign donors and candidates too quick to take the money and run, should end. It's time.