Debates offer peek into old Gregg and Pence

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Indiana's gubernatorial race features two strong personalities with a wealth of political history, but it's sometimes hard to tell by the tone of the campaigns.

Last week's gubernatorial debate gave Hoosiers a peek at the personalities of Mike Pence and John Gregg largely missing from the campaign trail.

Gregg carried himself with more composure and confidence and Pence broke out of character to deliver sharp rebuttals like those seen in his congressional career.

Two more debates could help remind voters of Pence's fire and Gregg's former hand on the levers of power in the Statehouse.

Pence wasn't always so reserved. In 2010 he promised "no compromise" from a Republican majority in Congress.

Gregg hasn't always been the underdog. As House speaker, he wielded significant power over a $2 billion surplus.

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