Death toll from Midwest tornadoes reaches eight

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Officials have confirmed two storm-related deaths in Michigan, raising to eight the toll from the heavy rain, powerful winds and tornadoes that formed across the region.

The Shiawassee County sheriff's department says 59-year-old Philip Daniel Smith of Perry in central Michigan was found dead and entangled in high-voltage power wires after going outside late Sunday to investigate a noise.

Also in central Michigan, Jackson County Sheriff Steven Rand says 21-year-old Ryan Allan Rickman of Leslie died when his vehicle was crushed by a fallen tree Sunday evening.

A band of storms moved across the Midwest on Sunday, unleashing powerful winds that flattened homes and left cars, trees and belongings strewn across neighborhoods. Officials say the storms also killed six people in Illinois.

Dramatic new footage shows how the tornado that struck Washington, Illinois on Sunday flattened homes for as far as the eye can see, leaving potentially hundreds of residents homeless.

The tornado spawned winds of up to 200 miles per hour. When it touched down, the powerful tornado destroyed everything in its way, leaving a path of debris that stretched more than three miles.

It's estimated the winds may have destroyed as many as 500 homes. One person died in Washington and several others were injured.

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