Deadly Delay

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Deadly Delay Part One: "Nobody Knows About This" - 13 Investigates will change the way you look at smoke detectors. Even though they may look the same, the truth is not all smoke detectors are alike.

Deadly Delay Part Two: "I've Never Seen A Test Like This" - The most popular type of smoke detector in the United States tends to provide far less warning and escape time during one of the most deadly types of fires. That is the finding of a WTHR smoke detector test conducted in partnership with the Indianapolis Fire Department.

State fire marshal says smoke detector report shows "emergency" - Indiana's state fire marshal says he will convene a statewide meeting of fire officials to discuss what actions are needed following an Eyewitness News investigation.

Deadly Delay Part Three: New testing prompts new call for action - Millions of families rely on ionization smoke alarms, but in a slow-burning fire, you should not rely on one to save your life. That's the message from the fire marshal and local fire officials who met Wednesday in Wayne Township.

Deadly Delay Part Four: Ionization smoke detector fails aquarium test - Will the smoke detectors in your home actually detect smoke? Before you answer, read what 13 Investigates has discovered.

Deadly Delay Part Five: UL must improve smoke detector testing - One of the world's leading testing and safety organizations cannot explain why some smoke detectors did not detect smoke.

Fire marshal releases new recommendations for smoke detectors - The state fire marshal is responding to an Eyewitness News investigation with a major announcement.

Small-town tragedy offers nationwide lesson - As part of Indiana's statewide Fire Prevention week, WTHR takes you hundreds of miles away to tell a story that hits very close to home. 13 Investigates discovered a small town in Vermont with a powerful message for Indiana. In fact, for you and your family, it's an important lesson that just might save your life.

"Deadly Delay" investigation prompts Congressional action - Millions of smoke alarms might not respond when you need them most. The government has known about this "Deadly Delay" for years, but has done nothing to warn you. Prompted by WTHR's investigation, Congress now wants the CPSC to end its silence on photoelectric technology.

What type of smoke detector do you have?

Photoelectric smoke detectors usually have the word PHOTOELECTRIC right on them. You might see a big "P" or a "blue symbol". And if you see the words "dual sensor," that means the smoke detector has both photoelectric and ionization built in. 

If you don't see any symbols chances are, it's probably an ionization smoke detector.  Those alarms are sometimes marked with a letter I, or other symbols

When you are taking a look at your smoke detector, please make sure to check the battery. That's crucial.

The bottom line: Smoke detectors do save lives. Adding a photoelectric smoke detector to your home will usually give you more warning in a slow-burning, nighttime fire.

Get A Discounted Dual-sensor Smoke Alarm

WTHR-TV and  HH Gregg arranged to ship thousands of dual-sensor (featuring both ionization and photoelectric technology) smoke detectors to central Indiana. Click the link to see details.