Daylight reveals hail damage

Hail along I 74 remains on Saturday
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The sight of shovels clearing driveways and sidewalks isn't unusual for March in Indiana.

Except when you consider this year and the record warm temperatures this month and last.

But that's exactly what you saw in Shelby County Saturday, as residents in Fountaintown and all along I-74 cleared away damage and ice left from Friday night's hail and wind storm.

"I've never seen anything like this," said Barbara Plessinger of Fountaintown. "It looks like winter."

Saturday morning, Plessinger was still surveying the four inches of ice still in her yard and driveway.

"It was just unbelievable," said her husband, John, of Friday's storm that hit just before 10 pm.

"All of a sudden, it was just pounding. I mean really hard, pounding on the house," said Barbara.

"I'm sure there was hail that was golf ball size," John added.

"It got so hard, I couldn't see you in front of me," said their neighbor, John Couch.

Couch was outside when it hit.

"It just got harder and harder and harder," Couch added. "I've never seen the intensity of hail like that before. I come out the door this morning and it was just an eerie feeling."

Both the Plessingers and Couch saw what a hail storm can do.

"I had beautiful flowers. They're just riddled. My asparagus patch is destroyed," said Barbara, walking around her back yard.

"I got birds that just got knocked out of the sky," explained Couch, pointing to the dead birds in his yard.

"You can see the white bark where it has stripped the bark off the tree," said Barbara, as she gazed up at the trees in her yard.

"I got an 18-foot piece of gutter that's disappeared. Don't even know where it went. I ain't even found half my stuff yet," Couch explained as he walked around his house.

Just a block away, though, there was nothing but green grass.

"Too weird," said Couch.

"We live on the wrong side of the tracks," said the Plessingers, laughing.

Farther south, ice from the same hailstorm was still piled up along Interstate 74 through the county. It was the same ice that brought traffic to a standstill Friday night.

"When you get weird weather like this, especially in the middle of March, February, there's a problem. Indiana don't have 80 degree weather in February," said Couch.

Now, the folks in this Fountaintown neighborhood wonder.

"What's to come?" asked Couch.

"Now my concern is, 'Are we going to have any green leaves on our trees this year?'," asked Barbara.

Couch fears there's more to come.

"Mother Nature's just clearing her throat," he said.