Daycare owner in court over drugged children

Stephanie Gribble

A daycare owner already facing charges of drugging children in her care is the subject of more allegations.

Stephanie Gribble, who operated the "Stay and Play" on Gemini Drive now faces six counts of neglect of a dependent. She pleaded not guilty Monday to felony charges of neglect of a dependent for essentially drugging children in her care.

But more families now say she did this to their children years ago.

Gribble said nothing as she was led back from court Monday morning. She was arrested 10 days ago, accused of drugging four children in her care.

"Hopefully she never is able to deal with kids...ever again, really," said James Robinett, whose daughter Shelby and son Max were at Gribble's in-home daycare six years ago for about a year. Suddenly, Shelby, who was three at the time, said something odd.

"She was in the car one day and she had a cough and we gave her a cough drop and she was like, 'Do I put this under my tongue and let it dissolve?' explained Robinett, "and we were, like, 'Whoa. What's that about?' 'Like monkey candy that the baby sitter gives me - Stephanie.' I was, like, this isn't good."

At the time, Gribble suggested it was, in fact, candy, but the Robinett's took no chances.

"(We) kinda trusted our daughter, plus our instincts and we just pulled her out," said Robinett.

They were shocked when they saw news reports two weeks ago about Gribble's arrest . Four children who had been at her daycare were brought to the hospital. An 11-month-old was limp and appeared drunk, another child unconscious.

"When some of these children reported in to the emergency room, there was a concern that some of the children might be suffering from a head injury," said Deputy Prosecutor Kristina Korobov. "And so tests were run to determine if they had any type of injury to their brain."

They did not. But doctors did find evidence of two drugs - Benadryl and prescription Risperidone, used to treat schizophrenia.

"Now that we look at it, we should have taken my daughter out long before then," said Robinett.

Looking back now, he realizes his daughter's drowsiness was likely cause by more than just a long day at the sitter.

"Sometimes people give Benadryl to put kids to sleep. Maybe that's her way of babysitting, making everyone go to sleep, that way it's easier on her, which is totally unacceptable," said Robinett.

So far, at least two other families have come forward since Gribble's arrest, saying their children may have been drugged as well - again, saying it happened several years ago. So far, no charges have been filed related to those allegations. If convicted on the current charges, Gribble faces more than 50 years behind bars.