David Bisard's wife testifies at trial

David Bisard

The wife of suspended Indianapolis Metro Police Officer David Bisard testified in his defense this afternoon.

Calm and confident, Lora Bisard testified for 45 minutes. The evening before the deadly crash, the registered nurse was leaving for work just as her husband arrived home from work with pizza for their kids.

"It was kisses to everyone. 'I love you' and I left," she said.

Were there any concerns about sobriety?

"No," she replied. "I saw absolutely nothing."

Lora Bisard didn't see her husband until returning home about 8:00 am the next morning, telling jurors they chatted in bed.

The attorney asked if she saw anything to believe he was intoxicated.

"Nothing whatsoever," she answered.

Lora Bisard's testimony corroborates testimony of more than a dozen police officers, a neighbor and soccer coach who all saw the IMPD officer that day, and testified they saw no indications Bisard was intoxicated.  Test results show he had a BAC of .19

Under cross examination, Lora Bisard admitted she had no idea what her husband was doing during the 12 hours she was working.
A juror asked what Mr. Bisard told her about drinking that night.

"He told me that he had consumed two vodka Cokes...Thursday, before bed," she said.

Prosecutors then asked Lora Bisard about her experience as a sheriff's deputy and if intoxicated suspects always said they had two drinks.

"No. I believe it was a couple," she said.

Also new Wednesday was security camera video that was just made public of David Bisard less than an hour after the fatal crash. It shows him at a convenience store, where fellow officers allowed him to stop and get a soft drink.

Four security cameras inside a Speedway gas station show a younger and thinner David Bisard, with his head shaved and sunglasses up. He makes a trip to the men's room and then buys a soft drink.

Bisard's attorneys hope the video convinces jurors that Bisard was completely sober, reinforcing the testimony of more than a dozen police officers.

The images were captured an hour after the crash that killed motorcyclist Eric Wells and critically injured his friends, Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly. According to testimony, the officers stopped on their way to the clinic where Bisard would be examined and have his blood drawn.

K-9 Officer David Weitzel told jurors he spent more than three hours with Bisard at the scene, at the convenience store, at the clinic and then at lunch. At no time, he testified, did Bisard's behavior movements or speech show any signs of intoxication or impairment.

Bisard's blood alcohol level tested at .19 percent after the crash. The defense says the tests were flawed and proper procedures were not followed.