Dave Calabro's Olympics blog: Walking is the unofficial Olympic sport

Dave Calabro
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WTHR's crew in Russia tells us the pace is non-stop there. They're running everywhere to get stories at all hours of the day.  

Sports Director Dave Calabro decided to wear a pedometer for the whole trip!

The Olympics is comprised of 98 events spread over 17 days. There's something for everyone. But the number one unofficial Olympic sport is walking.

It starts in the media center. The halls are as long as the Indy 500 main straight-away! In the mountains, those steps are much tougher. We hopped on a gondola just to get a breather, but we ended up lost in the middle of nowhere!

Three miles later, we stumbled into the Olympic torch ceremony just like we planned it!

So how far will we walk in three weeks? I'm afraid to even think about it!

Let us know your guess for how far Dave will walk during the Olympics! Post your guess in the comments section below.

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