Dave Calabro's Olympics blog: Made it to Sochi!

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WTHR's crew left for Sochi, Russia on Saturday to bring you Winter Olympics coverage during the games. Dave Calabro and Anne Marie Tiernon will be sending back updates, so check back frequently...and tune in at 7:30 pm for Olympic Zone on WTHR Channel 13.1 starting Thursday, Feb. 6. Watch our newscasts for live reports from our team.

Here's a quick update from Dave Calabro!

Hey USA, we have made it to Sochi! After a few wild bus rides and security checks, we are at our hotel.

It's like they built a Disney property by the ocean!

It's sunny and 50 degrees.  Everyone is tired after a 24-hour journey. Talk later after a nap!

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Ripped Olympians! Achieving perfection at the gym helps them compete on the slopes.

The science of ice - The unique surface of ice allows the slide and glide of winter sports to happen, with ice specially created to serve the needs of various Olympic events. "Science and Engineering of the 2014 Olympic Winter Games" is produced by NBC Learn and NBC Sports, in partnership with the National Science Foundation.