Dave Calabro's Olympics blog: Language barrier

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NOTE: WTHR's crew of five people, including Anne Marie Tiernon and Dave Calabro, left Indianapolis for Sochi, Russia last Saturday. They'll be filing reports from Olympic Park during the Winter Games. Tune in to WTHR this Thursday at 7:30 pm for Olympic Zone, and watch our newscasts to get a sneak peek!

Here's the latest from Dave:

Welcome to Sochi, Russia!

It has been a very busy day as we get ready for the opening of the Games. We spent a lot of time in the Olympic Park today shooting stories for this week.

The locals had a dress rehearsal for Friday's opening ceremonies.

We ended up going out a wrong exit and that was interesting. I don't speak Russian, and the locals don't know English!

I am pretty good at talking my way around situations, but not today. The language barrier won! We ended up walking an extra five miles just to get back to our work location!

Speaking of walking, I am wearing a pedometer for three weeks. We are curious to see how many miles we will log.

The security is very intense which is a good thing. Our hotel and workspace is located within the security zone, which means you can't go anywhere without a credential check.

Tomorrow we are headed to the mountain cluster to check out the ski and bobsled venues. I hope I find English!

I heard about the big storm headed for Indy. It's sunny and 45 degrees here!

All the best from Russia!

- Dave

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