Dave Calabro's Olympics blog: Hotel horror stories

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NOTE: WTHR's crew of five people, including Anne Marie Tiernon and Dave Calabro, left Indianapolis for Sochi, Russia last Saturday. They'll be filing reports from Olympic Park during the Winter Games. Tune in to WTHR tonight at 7:30 pm for Olympic Zone, and watch our newscasts to get a sneak peek!

Good day from Russia! We have been here for five days, so the routine is starting to kick in.

I have figured out the quick way to work and how to smile at the Russian security guys who carry large machine guns. We went to the mountains yesterday and it was very beautiful.

It's amazing how they have built this place up in a few quick years. They spent $50 billion and it's obvious at the venues.

A few notes about our hotel:

Our flat screen TV only has two channels in English.

The view from our hotel room is fantastic, with the Caucasus Mountains in the distance and – believe it or not – a swimming pool surrounded by palm trees in the courtyard.

 We have a clear view of the Olympic Park, including the torch and cauldron.

The bed is comfy, but the sheets are smaller than twin size! We have clear, running water in the bathroom, and the shower is hot. The toilets flush and we have plenty of toilet paper…and we haven't seen any "double toilets" yet!

Still, judging from some reports, they should have spent more on the hotels. We have heard many horror stories (NOTE: This link is not safe for work!) about bad hotels. A New York Photographer told me the entire window fell out of his room! Now that's some serious craftsmanship.

I got lucky with a decent place to stay!