Dave Calabro's Olympics blog: Appreciating freedom

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One week down, and two to go!

We are getting up and running on this fine Monday. The sun just came up over the mountains. It is very beautiful here. But there is so much security, you have to look past all the fences and security cameras to see the beauty.

After seven days at this crazy pace, we had a chance to slow down Sunday and relax. I was excited to sleep in and not walk much! Simple pleasures.

I went to the Olympic Park as a tourist with photographer Ryan Thedwall.

I was wearing a USA hat and Ryan noticed I was getting a lot of dirty looks. I started to notice the older Russian people would not make eye contact with me. The younger people didn't seem to care. These folks seem depressed and simply getting through that daily grind.

Being away from home this long, you start to really appreciate all those things we take for granted as FREE people. Free speech is a powerful thing. I am so glad my kids can dream crazy dreams and then go for it!  

That's what the Olympics are all about: chase those dreams!

I am still chasing my dream: a good cup of COFFEE!

Have a great day and see you on WTHR!

- Dave

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