Daughter of Carmel daycare owner sentenced to three years

Kirsten Phillips
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The daughter of a Carmel daycare owner was sentenced today for the death of a five-month-old who died at the daycare last year.

A judge sentenced 23-year-old Kirsten Phillips to three years in prison plus community corrections.

Phillips was 21 and helping her mother, Stacey Cox, at the daycare when 5-month-old Conor Tilson went down for a nap and never woke up in January of 2013.

A jury found both women guilty.

Phillips was visibly upset in the courtroom at some points sobbing as both sides argued their sentence recommendations. At one point when the judge asked if she had anything to say, she turned to the baby's patents and said, 'I can't possibly know what you're going through. I am so sorry for your loss.'

The baby's mother, Britney Kellea , told Eyewitness News after the hearing that she believes Phillips is sorry the baby died but neither she or her mother have admitted their role in his death.

The baby's father, John Tilson, said he's felt 'empty' since the tragedy.

Phillips plans to appeal the sentence.