Data breach at Butler exposes nearly 200K people

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The personal information of nearly 200,000 people is at risk after hackers recently targeted Butler University.

This data breach exposed around 163,000 people, including faculty, staff, alumni, current students and even one-time prospective students who never actually wound up attending the university. Butler officials say they have reached out to those who were exposed and recommend everyone keep an eye on their bank accounts and credit scores.

"Unfortunately, we do think it's a remote hacking," said university spokesperson Michael Kaltenmark. "The suspect that's been arrested has no affiliation with Butler University."

The university first learned about the hacking when California authorities called them last month to say they'd arrested an identity theft suspect who had a flash drive with Butler employees' personal information on it.

"Upon further investigation, we found that additional members of the Butler University community may have been exposed," added Kaltenmark.

The exposed information included birthdates, social security numbers and even bank account information.

The university has offered to help with a year of free credit monitoring for everyone affected.

"I'll take the steps I can to protect it and all those necessary things," said recent Butler grad Sara Logel.

The investigation into the breach isn't over yet. Still, Butler insists they have discovered all of their systems' vulnerabilities and patched them up so the issue should no longer be a concern.