Daniels, Pence tout benefit of Commerce Connector

Governor Mitch Daniels
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Governor Mitch Daniels and Governor-elect Mike Pence both speaking to state business leaders today about what the future holds.

The Indiana Chamber gave the current and future governors of Indiana the opportunity to talk about the future. Daniels said another record-breaking year for job creation will help the state for years to come. Since Indiana is a manufacturing and distribution state, he added the state should plan for the future to stay that way.

"We ought to have smart roads, which means you don't need to build more because they carry more traffic," Daniels said.

That includes, he says, designated lanes for commercial traffic and dusting off the Indiana Commerce Connector.

"Less expensive than expanding the roads we have and we always thought, in addition to speeding the free flow of commerce, less congestion in central Indiana that it could be a terrific economic development boon to the areas as it crossed other interstates," Daniels said.

In the afternoon, it was Pence's turn. "I've been reading a lot about my tax plan," the governor-elect said.

Pence believes it will not only put money back in Hoosiers' pockets, he also believes it will create jobs.

"Here's the number. Ninety-two percent of Hoosier small businesses pay their taxes under the individual income tax rate. I am in strong support of tax relief passed in the recent past and will see it through in a fiscally responsible way, but let me be very clear on this. The best way to cut taxes on job creators when 92% of job creators are filing their taxes under the individual income tax rate is to cut the individual income tax rate," he said.

Pence says that will leave Indiana with the lowest taxes in the Midwest. It's something he wants to tout in advertising and billboards around the state.

Speaker Brian Bosma has cautioned against the move. Pence says he respects that position and is willing to discuss it but he adds it remains a priority of his.