Damaged cemetery open for Memorial Day

A Bartholomew County cemetery heavily damaged by storms nearly two weeks ago re-opened in time for Memorial Day.

Rest Haven Cemetery in Edinburgh was hit hard by a violent storm that swept thru the area May 14. A microburst is believed responsible for taking out 68 large trees, some toppling on gravestones.

Monday, there were few signs of the storm's aftermath as people arrived to mark Memorial Day.

Edinburgh resident Lula McGaha was relieved.

"Oh, yes, we were very worried, but everything is looking good and we're thankful for that," McGaha said.

Her daughter Marcia Whited agreed, saying, "This is one of the most beautiful and best kept cemeteries in the area so we were all concerned about the damage."

John Ramey, who spent the morning cleaning his grandparents mausoleum, was also glad to see the cemetery re-open in time for Memorial Day.
"It's a day to remember and to give back a little bit and do what you can for those who helped me and who helped all of us," said Ramey.

Rest Haven has a strong tradition of decorating gravesites on Memorial Day and remembering those who served. Tom Totten was among those who attended a brief service. He also spent time at the grave of his father, Harold Totten, who fought in World War II.

"My father, he's my hero; and I think too many times in this day and age, people confuse who their heroes really are," Totten said. "It's just a situation where I wish more of America was appreciative of those who have served, fought and died, and those currently serving and living, as well."

Several agencies worked together to ensure the cemetery was ready and open for Memorial Day.