Dad captures son's exciting birth on video outside hospital

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Although a Texas couple couldn't quite make it to the hospital for the birth of their child, they have a unique video to remember his arrival.

Kristin Dickerson was two weeks overdue with her son, Truett, when her water broke. Her husband, Troy, put on his GoPro camera and thought they had enough time to get to the hospital, but it was going to be close.

"By the time we hit the Sweetwater exit, I was pretty sure we weren't going to make it to the hospital," she said.

You can hear her screaming those same words on the video Troy recorded as he sped to Texas Children's Hospital. They got to the valet entrance, where little Truett made his entrance - just feet from the hospital's front door.

As Kristin refused a valet's offer of a wheelchair for her to sit down on, she gave birth. Troy caught his son, just as hospital staff ran outside.

The new dad says since the couple had been through giving birth twice before - and Kristin works as a childbirth educator - they'd have plenty of time and he'd get great video of the exciting trip to the hospital.

He was wrong about the time, but spot on about the video.

"It'll be a great story for years to come, to tell Truett and his big brothers, so it's pretty cool," Kristin said.