Cyclist reaches 10,000 mile goal

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New Year's Day means new resolutions for many people, but not everyone takes things as far as Mark Lawrance.

The Indianapolis man is one of those guys who can't sit still, even when he's behind his desk at the Indiana Chamber of Commerce. So it's no surprise Lawrance is an avid runner and triathlete.

But last year he set his goals even higher. He decided to become the 10,000-mile man.

"It's doable," he said. "You need the right equipment and the right state of mind."

Lawrance resolved to log 10,000 miles on his bicycle, a good chunk of it by commuting to work each day. We caught up with Lawrance on a cold, rainy Friday morning before Christmas.

"It's part of the adventure," he said about the weather. "There are times I do ride and if the snow and rain are pelting at you, it's not so much fun, but most of the time it is."

Of course, he's got the right gear: rain resistant clothing and several lights on his bike and helmet.

"The goal is to be seen and make sure you're highly visible," he said.

The eight mile trip along city streets and the Monon Trail takes about 35 minutes versus the 20 to 22 it takes in a car.

"There's hardly a time I'm not on my bike when I don't feel good. It gives me a chance to think about things, exercise and enjoy nature," Lawrance said.

He's also saved some money parking the car and pedaling to work.

"In between parking and gas and then I save on insurance, it's probably close to $3,000 a year," he said.

Lawrance said the ever-increasing number of bike lanes and trails have made commuting a lot easier.

"Mayor Ballard has done a lot to embellish the bikability of Indianapolis and before him Bart Peterson did that too. It's good leadership. It's making us a more green community if you will," he said.

Besides commuting, Lawrance also went on long weekend rides and a few biking trips, passing the 10,000 milestone just before Christmas. While he knows that's out of reach for most people, he has this message: "Just get out and do something," he said. "Do what you like. If you get out and walk, if you want run or bike, just do something because it's all good."

Asked what his goal is for 2013, Lawrance said he wasn't quite sure yet - perhaps a cross-country ride, something to ponder as he continues peddling to and from work.