Cyber Monday shopping tips

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You have heard about it for weeks, and it's finally here: Cyber Monday. But, are the deals really as great as they seem?

A lot of the deals are being advertised as "today only", but many online discounts will be around for the entire holiday shopping season. Experts anticipate today's sales to be near $1.5 billion, which is only a fraction of the $11.2 billion sold on Friday.

According to's Mike Fridgen, 90% of online purchases cost less than at a brick and mortar store.

"The average savings are 16%, up to 44%, savings by buying online versus offline," said Fridgen.

Tod Marks of Consumer Reports said nearly half of the American workforce is expected to do some online shopping today and 85% of retailers are offering online promotions today.

"Scan your favorite store's website when you get to work, but don't tell your boss. And look for those great deals because they'll be there Monday and then be there Tuesday and Wednesday and they'll be there all the way up until and including Christmas," said Marks.

The biggest deal we're seeing on several websites is free shipping or express shipping, with no or lower minimums. Also, keep in mind Cyber Monday is a marketing tool. The term was coined in 2005, which means if you don't buy today, don't worry about it because deals can still be had.

We've checked out several website and found some great deals for you.  Here are just a few of our favorites.

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