Cyber Monday is busiest day for FedEx, Amazon

Some of Amazon's top picks to ship on Cyber Monday.
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Now that Black Friday has come and gone, get ready for Cyber Monday. Online retailers are gearing up today for their part of the holiday shopping rush.

At Amazon Fulfillment Centers across the country, and in Whitestown, this is the busiest day of the year.  The center can fit more than 20 football fields under its roof, and puts 2,500 people to work today.

Last year, customers ordered more than 26.5-million items worldwide - that's 306 items per second - and it's expected to be even more this year.

FedEx expects to handle 125 packages a second. To get those packages to you, they'll be using 90,000 trucks and 630 planes.  At 22-million packages - an 11-percent jump over last year - their volume is double what they were shipping seven years ago.

FedEx predicts today is not only going to be their busiest shipping day of the year, but their busiest day ever.

FedEx says they have hired 800 additional employees for the holiday shipping season locally, and 20,000 nationally. Amazon up staffed 70,000 nationally.

This year's Thanksgiving/Black Friday shopping increased over last year, according to the National Retail Federation. Stores were crowded earlier than ever. But more than 42-percent of consumers shopped online over Black Friday. And today, they're expected to be taking advantage of online deals in greater numbers, as well.

More than 131-million shoppers plan to go online today.  In fact, many of you reading this are likely shopping right now.  

Most people say they'll do their online shopping this morning, the rest finishing up by lunchtime.

Amazon has been offering deals all weekend to compete with the brick and mortar retailers. And those deals continue today.