Curling: As told by someone who has never watched curling

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Uhmmm. So there is some ice, rocks with handles, and some brooms?

There is so much confusion about the now cult favorite Olympic sport, curling. I sat around with my friends recently and have transcribed their reactions to watching curling for the first time.

"Are they really 'sweeping' the ice?"

"How come one team can attack the other team's stones?"

"The handles on the stones look like those things people do crazy push-ups with"

"Wait, why are they yelling so much? It doesn't seem like that's necessary."

The only reason that I know majority of the rules and techniques is because I did extensive online stalking. It's not as easy as you think. Balance is key, something I lack indefinitely.

Social media has been buzzing about curling ever since it first became popular during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics. Norway shed light on the sport using their outlandish outfits and skill to draw more viewers.

The only real comparison that majority of people know about curling is that it's essentially, shuffle board on ice. And the announcers go crazy for it.

Screaming in the curling arena is a common occurrence, which might scare off some viewers.

Many tweets sent out have been saying "This is the coolest sport ever #Curling." or "Just watched curling for the fist time, now I'm hooked #CurlingFan." or "You'll see me at the 2018 Winter Games!*insert picture of them sweeping up their kitchen*"

According to NBC, curling has been the top trending sport on Twitter during the entire Winter Games. 

Someone who has never watched curling but has only heard the hype could have mixed feelings. One thing is for sure, curling is the most uniquely entertaining Olympic sport.