Cubs fan, 65, makes outstanding grab in bleachers

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You'd be hard pressed to find a catch on the field as outstanding as the one Cubs fan Mike Pullin made in the stands at Wrigley Field Monday night.

Pullin and his wife were in the last row of the left field seats for the Cubs game with the Milwaukee Brewers when Mark Reynolds hit a ball headed right in Mike's direction. The 65-year-old raised up, extending his gloved right hand and made a highlight reel catch over Waveland Avenue.

"I saw the ball coming, and it's a pretty easy catch for me," Pullin, a former softball player, told

But to take the souvenir home took one more act of trickery.

Since Reynolds slugged the homer for the visiting Brewers, Wrigley Field protocol called for Pullin to throw the ball back.

In a fluid motion, he reached down to the seat next to his wife and let fly with a decoy ball. He said he brought the ball from home - one of his dog's favorite toys.