CSX to talk with Muncie mayor about faster trains


A CSX spokeswoman says the railroad hopes to speak to Muncie Mayor Dennis Tyler soon about his opposition to its plan to double the speed of freight trains through the central Indiana city.

Carla Groleau says raising the speed limit to up to 60 mph would increase the efficiency of the railroad and reduce the time that street traffic spends stopped at CSX crossings when trains are passing through.

Groleau also says the Federal Highway Administration regulates the speed of trains in the city.

Tyler tells The Star Press the higher speeds would violate a city ordinance against trains traveling at more than 40 mph through the city.

CSX announced Monday it planned to increase the speed of trains in Muncie beginning Jan. 1.

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A central Indiana mayor says he's going to fight a railroad's plans to double the speed of freight trains going through his city to 60 mph.

CSX announced Monday it would start the faster trains through Muncie on Jan. 1. The company says the speedier trains will address longtime complaints about rail crossings delays and improve the efficiency of rail operations.

Mayor Dennis Tyler tells The Star Press that railroad officials didn't tell him about their decision. Tyler says 60 mph trains through the city wouldn't be safe and that he intends to enforce the city ordinance limiting train speeds to 40 mph.

CSX and Norfolk Southern run dozens of trains through the city daily, including a line that bisects the city just south of its downtown.

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