Crooked Stick Golf Club to vote on BMW Championship for 2016

The biggest stars in golf will likely be back in Carmel in 2016. The PGA tour has offered the Crooked Stick Golf Club the 2016 BMW Championship.

Crooked Stick hosted the 2012 BMW Championship, which was considered a major success.

Golf club membership still has to vote on the offer during a membership meeting August 28, however many members have already voted online in favor of the tournament.

"The 72 best players in the world played at Crooked Stick that week. If you're a golfer, there was a lot of star sightings," said Michael Browning, Crooked Stick resident and club member.

Browning has seen dozens of major tournaments over the last two decades. His home has room for parking in the front, Hole #9 is in the back.

"There's always a lot of excitement on this hole because it's a par 5 and they can get home in two. So you see a lot of birdies here," Browning said.

Browning watched Tiger Woods tee up behind his home during the 2012 championship. Rory McIlroy won it all.

About 150,000 people came to the neighborhood to watch what was voted the top PGA tour event of the year. It raised more money than any other BMW Championship at the time.

"When you're hosting a national event, you're looking for a great golf course, number one, but you also need the community support that goes with that," said Tony Pancake, Director of Golf and Club Operations.

Record rainfall fell during the 2012 event, causing lower scores than expected. Some parking lots closed and spectators had to park in another lot, then bus in.

"There were some logistical challenges that we dealt with the last time, and I know the PGA learned a lot about that. So from a parking standpoint, I'm sure you'll see some changes," Pancake said.

Browning won't have to go far to park or walk during the 2016 BMW Championship.

"There's a lot of activity the month before and the month after. It takes just as much to put it down as it does to put it up," Browning said.

Pancake says the event takes years to plan and expects tour staff on site by October. The club is already expanding its putting green in anticipation.