Crawfordsville neighborhood remembers father and son killed in crash

Bradley Bruner
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A Crawfordsville neighborhood is trying to find words of comfort after a father and his ten-year-old son were killed in an accident on I-74.

Outside the Bruner family home where children are usually at play, "it just looks so cold and lonely," said neighbor Ruby Harrison, sitting on her porch across the street during the heat of the day.

The faint sound of wind chimes was in the air as Harrison struggled to find words.

"My daughter, she said, 'How do I...How do I tell them, Mom?'"

How will she tell her granddaughter that the little boy across the street, ten-year-old Bradley Bruner, was killed Saturday in a horrible accident on Interstate 74?

Indiana State Police say Bradley's father Max crashed into the back of a semi pulling a flat bed trailer. Investigators don't know what happened but witnesses say as the semi slowed the family's van did not.

Next door neighbor Charlene Harwood says her daughter first heard the news from a passerby.

"She came running in and she said, 'Something terrible has happened next door.' I said 'What?' She said 'Max and little Bradley were killed in a car accident.'"

Both Max and Bradley died from massive blunt trauma on Saturday. Nine-year-old Sabrina Bruner suffered serious injuries, and her three-year-old brother Max III escaped unharmed in a child safety seat.

"It's very, very sad. I don't know how they're going to deal with it, you know?," said Charlene Harwood.

She says the family just bought the van a couple of weeks ago. The last time she saw Max and Bradley, they were heading out to go fishing.

"Little Bradley was really, really quiet little kid, just as cute as can be. He walked over to his dad and got just as close as he could and put his arm around his dad. And his dad reached over and put his arm around him. I can't get that picture out of my mind," she said in disbelief.

Funerals for father and son are scheduled for Saturday.

"Just breaks our hearts, you know," Harwood said, feeling the loss of a father and son, gone too soon.

State Police say Bradley was wearing his lap belt but not the shoulder harness.

Max was a former volunteer with the Newtown Volunteer Fire Department.

Services for the father and son are Saturday at 1:00 pm at the Attica Free Methodist Church in Attica.

Donations for the Bruner Family Relief Fund may be made at any Fountain Trust Co. location. Bank branches are located at Attica, Covington, Crawfordsville, Darlington, Kingman, Mellott, Lafayette, Rockville, Waynetown and Veedersburg. Donations may be mailed to Fountain Trust Co., 206 S. Main St., Box 500, Mellott, IN 47958.