Crash victim's family seeks meeting with Gov. Daniels


The family of Eric Wells, the man killed in the August 6 crash involving IMPD Officer David Bisard, has submitted a letter Tuesday to Governor Mitch Daniels requesting a meeting concerning the negative impact the case has made in Indianapolis. They cite concern that the Governor has yet to respond to previous requests. 

At 11:10 p.m. Tuesday, Jane Jankowski from Governor Daniels' staff told Eyewitness News that the governor received a letter from Eric Wells' widow some time ago, that he responded to that letter with his own handwritten letter, and that the governor's office is not aware of any other letter from the family.

Eyewitness News obtained the full text of the letter submitted Tuesday, which is below: 

September 14, 2010

Dear Governor Daniels

I am writing to request a meeting with you concerning the negative impact and the conditions which surround the David Bisard case in Indianapolis.  I wrote to you on August 15th requesting your assistance in ensuring that justice is served on behalf of my son Eric Wells and those critically injured Mary Mills and Kurt Weekly as well as all of Indianapolis.

You have not responded to my letter or those from many others, who also made the same request of insuring justice. Your lack of concern for my family and the other families directly involved are noted. But your lack of concern for justice for all of those who live in Indianapolis, the largest city in your state, is beyond my comprehension.

This is not just a municipal problem. It impacts the entire state and needs the attention of your office. The F.B.I. investating this case should have been a clear sign, all is not well in this city.
Regardless of your political ambitions in the future(i.e presidential bid), the state of Indiana should have your full attention and you need to especially take care of the citizens of Indianapolis who need you to take charge of the situation involving IMPD.  You can't take care of the Country if you can't take care of the State of Indiana and its citizens.

The people of Indianapolis and the state of Indiana deserve to have justice in the form of truth and accountability from all policing agencies actions. Less is not acceptable.

I very much look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

Aaron & Mary Wells 

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