Cousins raise money to help Boone County teen who lost parents

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JAMESTOWN, Ind. (WTHR) - A set of cousins spent the evening raising money with the help of some pink lemonade. It didn't take long for the dollars to stack up to benefit a special teen who's lost two of the most important people in her life.

Lexi Mitchell and Gabe Conyer weren't only hoping to keep people cool, they were raising money for 15-year-old Izzy Clouse.

"We don't know Izzy. We're just trying to help out," Lexi said. "She has no parents to help her buy anything. So we are doing this to raise money to help her buy stuff and take care of her family."

Lexi Mitchell and Gabe Conyer are raising money to help a teenager they don't even know.
Lexi Mitchell and Gabe Conyer are raising money to help a teenager they don't even know.

Clouse lost both of her parents. Her father, Scott, a Westfield police officer, passed away from cancer two years ago. Her mother, Amy, a longtime Boone County Sheriff's Department dispatcher, died last week.

"It's a feeling of pride. This community is a tight-knit community. And people are out even if they didn't know Amy or Izzy. They're still coming out to show their support," said Annie Green, who worked with Amy Clouse.

The community support began last Sunday when dozens of officers from Boone County packed into the Blue Ribbon Pavilion to watch Izzy show her goat at the Indiana State Fair.

Team Izzy posed for a picture at the Fairgrounds Sunday. (WTHR image by Anna Carrera)

Days later, "Izzy Strong" is still on the hearts and minds of people who care.

"Our goal is to raise $500. Yes. And if we get more than that we are going to be so proud we raised more than that and give it all to Izzy," Gabe and Lexi said.

Their goal came a little closer with an unexpected donation in their box.

"Don't forget that lady gave us $150. She wrote a check. Yes, I mean, I don't's amazing. A $150 check," the cousins said.

"My favorite part was seeing that check. That's been my favorite part of knowing that we raised $150 for Izzy," Gabe continued.

"We were, like, 'OMG!' She gave us more money than we wanted!" Lexi said.

"These kids are really special. They had the idea, they ran with it. They just really want to help out. It's really special," Green said.

"We just want to help her out and hope she has a great life," Lexi said.

By the end of the night, the cousins say they raised $1,000.

UPDATE: The family wrote to WTHR on Monday, Aug. 14, to say they raised $2,016 total with last-minute donations.

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