Court documents reveal harrowing details of home invasion

Taiwan Lundy
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Eyewitness News is learning more details about what happened during a home invasion robbery at a home on Spring Mill Road in October, and it goes far beyond anything we've known up to this point.

New court documents show what armed men did to a husband and wife before robbing them. The details are very similar to the East 79th Street break-in a few days later.

Taiwan Lundy, 20, and Demetre Brown, 21, face a long list of charges in connection with the Oct. 24th home invasion on Spring Mill Road, including burglary, robbery, sexual battery, forgery, criminal confinement, carjacking and criminal deviate conduct. Both men are in police custody.

"I just made this choice to get some money..I didn't know it was all going to fall out like this," said suspect Taiwan Lundy, speaking to Eyewitness News on Tuesday.

Lundy, 20, gave no specifics after admitting his part in a violent home invasion.

But new court records reveal what a husband and wife say happened when Lundy, Demetre Brown and two other men broke into their home near 70th and Spring Mill Road on Oct. 24th.

Court documents say armed men burst into the couple's bedroom, shouting, "Where's the money at?"

When the couple told the intruders they had no cash, one of them fired off a shot in the bedroom.

Lundy insists things got out of control.

"I did not mean for it to take place how it did," he said.

The burglars first forced the husband to the Chase Bank ATM on Illinois and 56th Street, but failed to get money. All the while, they threatened the couple.

Court documents also say Lundy stayed with the wife, sexually assaulted her, and then asked, "What are gonna be your last words?" and "You better pray" and "You are not gonna make it out alive."

The men then forced the wife to the same ATM location, this time withdrawing $500.

The husband says that's when they beat him with a DVD player, poured water on him from a vase and struck him on the head with stone plate. He told police, "They beat me so much that I fell over."

"I am not a bad person. I just made a bad choice," Lundy insisted.

But the wife says Lundy tied her hands and feet with duct tape, then put rope around her neck to hog-tie her.

The husband and wife reportedly overheard the men talking about not being able to drive the family's manual transmission car. They also told police the men said, "We have to waste them. They know too much." The suspects transferred the couple's property from the car into Jeep before making their getaway.

Both the husband and wife were tied up and assaulted.

Although identified by the couple as one of the four men who attacked them, Lundy maintains he and the other suspects were only there to steal, but things got out of control.

"I am really not that kind of person," Lundy said.