'Coupon queen' saves hundreds of dollars on grocery bills

Samtur says it starts by building an arsenal of coupons.
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Cat Andersen/Eyewitness News

Avon - She's called the coupon queen of America because she's able to shave off 90 percent of her grocery bill clipping coupons. Eyewitness News caught up with Susan Samtur for a shopping trip in Indianapolis and she showed us how she saves big bucks through coupons.

Susan Samtur packs a mean punch in the check-out aisle. Her groceries rang up to $151 but she only had to pay $8. What's her secret?

Samtur says it starts by building an arsenal of coupons.

"I'm always looking for the word that says free," she said. "Some of them come with the paper. Some of them come on the internet."

She maximizes the pay-off by combining them with in-store promotions, like buy one, get one free.

On Wednesday's shopping expedition, this strategy got Samtur $42 worth of laundry detergent for nothing.

"So I'm going to use this coupon to pay for the first one that you have to pay for, but then I'm getting two additional ones for free so I'm going to have three of them for free," she explained.

To cross-reference store flyers with her coupon collection, Samtur keeps a coupon file in her cart.

"The best thing to do is to put it by categories," she said. Samtur writes her grocery list aisle by aisle. She marks the items she has coupons for, down to the last detail. She says the size of the product matters.

"There's only one size that's on sale for 98 cents and that's the large," she said. "You can see that it's only the Dole Classic that's on sale."

Samtur's matching coupon, doubled at Meijer, gets her the lettuce for free.

"That's my system in a nutshell," Samtur said.

Another money saving tip, no scissors required, is to pay attention to the sale signs. Samtur says just because it says buy 3 for $6 doesn't mean you have to buy that many to snag the deal.

Samtur says you can cut your grocery bill in half by following her coupon commandments. On her site, consumers can sign up for coupon deals at a cost of $4.95 per month. Samtur claims that will result in hundreds of dollars in savings of the course of the year.