Couples renew vows in Indianapolis ceremony

About three dozen couples renewed their vows at City Market Friday.
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The snow did not stop couples from renewing their vows on Valentine's Day. About three dozen couples took part in a commitment ceremony at City Market, led by Mayor Greg Ballard.

Lindsay Gergely said it was fun to take part with her husband Jason.

"We were joking that we barely remembered what we said (at our wedding ceremony), because it was so overwhelming with family and friends there, so it was fun to go back through it all today and think about what we were saying to each other," Gergely said.

This year, the ceremony also included three gay couples.

Christian Mosberg and his spouse, City-County Councilor Zach Adamson, wore tux jackets and matching bowties. The two were legally married in Washington, D.C. last November.

"The fact that we're legally married in D.C., but not in Indianapolis, but that the mayor is doing marriage renewals is a big deal, because it's out first Valentines Day since we were legally married," Mosberg said.

The mayor said it was important to him the ceremony be open to all couples, straight or gay.

"I want this city to always be seen as welcoming, fun and inclusive...I want everyone to feel comfortable in our city. If we're to take our place on the world stage, as we should, we need to be seen that way," Ballard said.

The ceremony came one day after a vote by the Indiana Senate, which essentially keeps a constitutional ban on gay marriage off the November ballot.

Darren Chittick, who took part in the ceremony with his partner of five years, Frank Dennis, said, Valentine's Day "is a holiday we typically aren't big on celebrating."

But he said it was important participate because what happened at the Statehouse and because "it allows us to be part of the world in our relationship in a way that, in the past, was not invited or even to be here...with other couples...and have it be a non-issue is tremendous to me."

Gergely agreed.

"I think it's pretty awesome we can all come together, regardless of who you're with and you can stand here and tell each other how you feel in front of everybody and anybody," she said.

Adamson said while was happy to "live in a city that is welcoming...I'll be happy when we come to the day when it's not news that same couples are here taking part in ceremony like this, that it's just Valentine's Day."