Couple's lawyer speaks about south side explosion investigation

Montserrate Shirley
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Indianapolis Metro Police now say they have questioned two of the people who lived in the house that exploded last Saturday night.

Eyewitness News has spoken at length with the attorney for the owner of the home that exploded in the Richmond Hill subdivision last Saturday. Attorney Randall Cable laid out details during our telephone conversation about his clients contact with investigators.

His clients, Montserrate Shirley and Mark Leonard, are not suspects in the explosion.

Investigators trying to determine the cause of the explosion questioned both Monserrate Shirley and her boyfriend Mark Leonard in separate interview rooms. Their attorney says he believes they questioned his clients to see if their accounts of events prior to the explosion would match up.

Although the investigation into the cause of the explosion is ongoing, on Friday the Marion County Prosecutor's Office has requested a copy of WTHR's entire interview with Monserrate Shirley. Fire investigators made the same request earlier in the week, but say it's routine.

Here is how she responded when we asked her about the questions she answered for investigators.

"Everybody asked me everything. I am just so, I have been taking medications. I went to the doctor. I am taking anti-depressant medication, taking Xanax...I am a nurse. I cannot sleep. I don't eat. Everybody has been asking me questions, you know, and it is just like, the people lost their lives, I lost my house, everybody lost their house. It's devastating and people keep asking me questions like I know something. I don't know nothing. I just left my house like we always do," said Shirley.

Monserrate Shirley's attorney Randall Cable says so far he's had no return calls from investigators concerning his clients. Cable says like everyone else including his clients, he is waiting to find out what investigators come up with as the cause of the explosion.