Couple recovering from stage collapse injuries

Lori and Jeff Frepan were injured in the stage collapse.

ORESTES - A couple seriously injured in Saturday's stage collapse is on a slow road to recovery.

Recovering at home after two days in the hospital, Lori and Jeff Frepan listened to the music they didn't get the chance to hear at the fair concert.

"It makes me fool good and happy. It really does," Lori said.

The couple was standing close to the stage Saturday. When the sky turned black, they decided to get out.

"I was trying to run as hard as I could, but it was so dirty and dusty and it was getting into your face. And then about that time, something hit me," Lori said.

It was a piece of rigging, knocking her unconscious.

"I turned around and she was face own in the ground, laying there lifeless. I mean, she wasn't moving at all and that's when I was worried," Jeff said.

Lori suffered a concussion and has 12 staples in her head. She also has a broken rib. Jeff used his t-shirt as a tourniquet to stop the bleeding in his arm, which is broken in three places.

The Frepans are considering filing a lawsuit, mainly because Jeff, who is the family's sole source of income, is a case packer at Red Gold. He would normally be working seven days a week during this busy season, but it's work that, because of his arm, he just can't do.

"I'm not out to make money off of a lawsuit. I just want myself covered. I don't know what's going to happen with this arm," he said.

They do know their recovery will take weeks or months and are trying to keep their spirits up.

"I want to go to more concerts, but my kids say no. My kids say 'You're not going to another concert, unless it's inside," Jeff said.

"I just feel for the people that weren't so lucky," Lori said.

Jeff says he is eligible for up to 12 weeks of short-term disability from work, but doesn't know what will happen after that. But in the midst of all this, he and his wife say they are truly just happy and thankful to be alive.

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