County employee resigns after testing positive for drugs

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A Marion County 911 call center employee is out of a job today after being accused of using drugs.

Sources tell Eyewitness News that the veteran employee tested positive for an illegal narcotic.   The employee resigned September 3rd after failing the department's random drug test.

The employee joined the Marion County Sheriff's Department in 1998 and worked as a control operator at the county's Emergency Management Center on State Street in Indianapolis.

After a 911 call comes in, the dispatcher turns over the call to a control operator. The control operator keeps track of officers as they are on emergency runs such as calling in back-up, monitoring locations of victims or suspects, giving vital description information as well as contacting other emergency personnel such as medics or firefighters.

Marion County Sheriff John Layton has a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to employee drug use. If the employee had not resigned, she would have been terminated, according to Marion County Deputy Chief Eva Tally-Sanders, who indicated control operators must be 100 percent functional at their job because lives and safety of law enforcement and the community are in their hands at crucial moments. 

Employees who are on prescribed medicines are required to notify human resources of those medicines in case they surface in random drug test results.