Councilors display "Hands Up!" signs during City-County Council meeting

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The fallout from Michael Brown's shooting death in Ferguson, Missouri prompted a controversial move by some city leaders in Indianapolis.

During Monday night's City-County Council meeting, several councilors posted signs on their desk with the message "Hands Up! Don't Shoot!" with a stick figure holding its arms above its head.

The slogan has emerged as a rallying cry by those calling for justice in Brown's death. But some disagreed with the message it sent at the meeting.

"I think it's baseless, in my opinion as a police officer. It's baseless for this community. It's divisive and it doesn't make sense to do it. That's my opinion," said FOP President Bill Owensby.

In recent days, protestors across the nation have displayed the "Hands up! Don't shoot!" message during demonstrations against police brutality.