Council to discuss public safety budget matters

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Public safety continues to be a hot topic around the city in light of the recent spike in violent crimes.

The City-County Council will meet today to discuss the budget.

The looming question is: Could more money be poured into fighting crime?

There is a lot that goes into Mayor Greg Ballard's crime plan — more police officers, a preschool plan, even a curfew.

The City-County Council will consider some of those ideas tonight.

The city's homicide rate has been on the rise for the last couple of years, and Indianapolis is already well above last year's rate for homicides.

Violence is a concern for police, the mayor and neighborhoods. Everyone has tried to come up with a solution.

The mayor announced his plan a few weeks ago. It includes hiring more police officers, and urging tougher sentences for gun crimes.

The City-County Council will consider some of the points of that plan.

They include:

-Increasing the income tax rate for public safety

-amending the curfew code

-approving $1.5 million for contractual expenditures

Some of these points have already been considered in committee, but will be heard by the full City-County Council at 7 p.m. tonight.