Council Democrats push new ways to fund police raises

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Democrats on the City-County Council are pushing new ways to help fund public safety and pay for police raises.

They want to use some parking meter revenue and tap into the city's fiscal stability fund. Monday night, they killed the mayor's plan to eliminate the local homestead tax credit, which would have raised more than $11 million.

"We do not want to add more taxes on constituents. We're looking at additional fees from water, the sewer fees, so we feel, at this point, we need to tap into all available dollars," said Council President Maggie Lewis.

"We're concerned about putting one-time money grabs in place, which may solve the problem for one year, but could put us in a worse place in following budget cycles," said Council Minority Leader Michael McQuillen.

Democrats did support the mayor's plan to expand police taxing districts, which is expected to raise $1.6 million for public safety.

The council will vote on the full budget October 14.