Council considers police reform

Indianapolis City-County Council

Richard Essex/Eyewitness News

The Indianapolis City-County Council wants to put more eyes on the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department, proposing that people have access to the records of all officers.

In addition to the usual list of city business, the council took on three ordinances aimed at metro police or at the behavior of certain officers and the public safety director..
The investigation of Officer David Bisard's August 6 accident that killed one biker and injured two others spawned a heated debate. Democrats on the council are calling for a separate committee to investigate the response of the public safety leaders.
Mayor Greg Ballard has introduced a series of reforms for the police department since the Bisard accident. Officers are no longer allowed to transport alcohol in city-owned cars, and some on the council are looking for more reform by putting the changes into city ordinance.

One more proposition included the formation of a bipartisan commission to examine and investigate IMPD with public meetings, input from officers and making recommendations to the mayor.

On Monday night, every one of those ordinances were returned to committee for further consideration.

Also on the council's agenda was the banning of spice, a mixture of herbs and spices that is sprayed with a synthetic compound chemically similar to the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana. The products are illegal in several states but not Indiana. Several Indiana municipalities are considering or have passed similar laws.

That proposition is also going back to committee for further review.