Council committee meeting canceled for Wednesday

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A City-County Council community affairs committee meeting scheduled for Wednesday night has been tentatively rescheduled for July 22nd.

Council members are taking a closer look at a new effort designed to improve recycling in Indianapolis and bring it to every home, but the plan is creating a lot of questions and some controversy.

The city says about ten percent of homeowners recycle and either pay a small fee for curbside pick-up or take it to a drop-off site.

The mayor's office has a plan that captures the other 90 percent at no additional cost or effort to the taxpayer, but it's come under fire from recycling advocates.

The plan would allow people to throw their trash and recyclables into one bin. On trash day, it would go to the Covanta site on the city's far south side. Covanta has an incinerator that burns the garbage and sells the energy produced to citizens.

The plan would be to build a $45 million recovery facility where most of the recyclables would be separated on-site and reused.

It's will be one of the most advanced facilities in the country, if not the world. The mayor hopes it will show how Indianapolis can be a leader in new technology, and show how other cities can capture things out of their municipal waste stream that would otherwise go to a landfill or be incinerated.

Some advocates for recycling, including the Indiana Recycling Coalition, aren't sold on the idea. They say the plan would create what's known as dirty recycling, where trash is mixed with the recyclables contaminating it, reducing its quality.

The plan still needs approval from the Public Works Department.