Could weight loss surgery cure some diabetics?

Could weight loss surgery cure some diabetics?
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New research shows that patients suffering from diabetes may be helped by bariatric surgery.

In fact, according to Dr. Sangeeta Kashyap of the Cleveland Clinic, "There isn't any therapy that can rival bariatric surgery in terms of weight loss and controlling diabetes."

In a study of 150 overweight adults suffering from diabetes, those who underwent a surgery to reduce the size of their stomach lost weight and had diminished symptoms. Many stopped needing drugs or insulin altogether.

But some caution that surgery alone is not a quick fix.

"This is a good option for people who just cannot respond to medical treatment, have very poorly controlled diabetes that isn't responding to anything else," said Dr. Michael Jensen with the Mayo Clinic.

Doctors aren't sure why the surgery is so effective, but they suspect hormonal changes kick in almost immediately following the procedure.