Could Irsay's arrest affect Indianapolis' Super Bowl hosting bid?

Indianapolis' Super Bowl committee is currently tweaking their bid based on what they saw in New York this year.
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Indianapolis Colts owner Jim Irsay stood alongside city leaders when they announced plans to bid for the big game in 2018, and he pledged to help bring the Super Bowl back to Indianapolis.

Despite news of Irsay's arrest quickly spreading through the city and on through national NFL circles, experts told Eyewitness News Monday that the incident likely would not have much of an impact on the city's bid to host another Super Bowl.

"If it does, it's, I think, going to be a very small one because you have to look at the capital, the positive capital that we as a city built up when we did the Super Bowl before," explained Butler University marketing professor Dan McQuiston.

Irsay was key to lobbying fellow NFL owners last time around to land the Super Bowl in 2012. This time, the city faces tough competition against Minneapolis and New Orleans.

The Indiana Sports Corp, which is heading up Indy's bid, released a statement Monday that read: 

"Jim Irsay has created one of the best franchises in the NFL. He and the franchise have made immeasurable contributions to the City of Indianapolis and State of Indiana. We don't have any detailed information about the incident and it would not be appropriate to comment on this further."

Bottom line: experts said getting the Super Bowl is about the city, not a team owner in that city.

Written bids from each potential host city are due next month. NFL owners will vote and make their decision in May.