"Cops" TV show crew member killed in crossfire

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A "Cops" TV show crew member has been killed on the job. He was caught in the crossfire during while filming a show in Omaha, Nebraska.

The images released by police give a glimpse of what happened seconds before the deadly shooting.

"We got one of the cops guys here. He's been shot. We need crews here. He's conscious but barely breathing," said a caller to 911.

Chilling audio and images documented by Cops TV show audio supervisor Bryce Dion himself show the final moments of his life. Dion died after ending up in police crossfire while filming an armed robbery at a Wendy's.

Bryce Dion

"Mr. Dion paid the ultimate price for his service to provide the footage of the real life dangers that law enforcement officers face on a daily basis," said Chief Todd Schmaderer, Omaha Police.

The bullet that killed Dion him came from an officer's gun. It was meant for robbery suspect Cortez Washington, who also died during the shootout.

Police say Washington fired his gun first, which led officers to fire back.

During the investigation though - police found out - what washington fired - was an air soft gun.

Police Chief Todd Schmaderer is making it clear that the officers had no way of knowing. He says they acted exactly as they should have.

Crime photos show just how similar the air soft gun looks to a real gun. It has the same weight, the same tip and the same trigger.

Three witnesses inside the Wendy's say when the air soft gun was fired, it sounded exactly like a real gun. The police had no choice but to fire back.

Schmaderer says he hasn't slept since this happened. We asked if he regrets allowing the crew to film.

"Personally I will live with this forever, and If I would have known this would have happened, I never would have done it," said Schmaderer.

The chief was quick to add he's proud of how his department handled this situation, but losing Dion isn't just a loss for the production crew. It's a loss for the entire police force as well.