Coolers under close watch as security increases at IMS

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Fans headed to the Indianapolis Motor Speedway this weekend will face increased security aimed at keeping them safe.

The eyes are on the cars, the part and the people at IMS. This year, more than ever before, they'll also be on the coolers coming into the track.

"You can't go anywhere without seeing a cooler," said ISP Sgt. Rich Myers.

For the first time, Speedway security workers are looking inside the coolers and strictly enforcing size limits. Coolers that don't pass the test don't get into the Speedway.

The increased security is the result of the bombing at the Boston Marathon.

"It wasn't no big deal. I am thrilled they are checking. I don't want to die, do you?" said race fan David Brewer.

But it's an added convenience. The more stuff fans carry in, the longer the line moves.

"I was in there for quite awhile, but so be it. It's smart," said Joe Schneiders.

The additional security doesn't stop at the admission gates. Explosive-sniffing dogs are already working the track. Taking no chances, unattended, unclaimed coolers will be handled by bomb disposal teams already deployed to the Speedway.

"They are trained to know what they are doing and what they are looking at and how to approach that situation," Myers said.

At a place where the extraordinary is the ordinary, fans are being told to say something if they see something truly out of the ordinary.

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